Eve behind the mousse

Hi, my name is Evelina 👋

I was always dreaming of a day when I will be able to combine food and arts. After I finished my Culinary Arts degree in University, I spent my first years working in fine dining restaurants including a Michelin starred restaurant City Social in London. During my 7-year journey with food I fell in love with gastronomy and desserts - the mousse cakes here are the embodiment of my passion and ideas.


Why mousse cakes?

I tried multiple different bodies for my desserts: from filled tarts to panna cota, but I realised that mousse base blends multiple unique flavours the best - whether it's a rich cherry chocolate cake or fruity grapefruit yuzu one, mousse body will never be too dense or overwhelming.

Fine dining desserts tend to have much more sophisticated ingredient combinations, having a soft & light base ensures that those flavours can complement each other and shine in full glory!



Who is this for?

This is an experiment. Hospitality is changing - more and more people order food experiences at home. While there's plenty of casual takeaway places, I noticed that it's much harder to find something more interesting... something that resembles those magical experiences everyone is longing for these days.

Eve & Mousse is for someone that wants to have a special evening once in a while... for people that want to indulge together with their loved ones... for dreamers with a sweet tooth.